We have been in business since 1983 and have a long standing repeat customer base. We do all sorts of plumbing repairs and we specialized in locating and repairing leaks below your slab. We strive on excellent customer service. We are prompt and respectful of your property. We have a long standing relationship with several insurance companies. We will answer all questions that your insurance company may need regarding your claim. Our staff and plumbing experts have been with Master Repair Plumbing anywhere from 10 years to 30 years. Our licensed plumbers; (licensed by the State of Texas) are very professional and can service all your repair plumbing needs. We strive for excellent performance.

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Is DIY Plumbing Worth It?

I have to admit that I love watching DIY shows. They make it look so easy, but how often does reality TV not reflect reality? When should you try to do it yourself or call a professional plumber? In an article on via, you can see how many of the DIY ...

What is a Slab Foundation?

There are three primary types of home foundations: slab, crawl space, and basements. Here in Fort Worth and the Dallas area, we have a growing number of slab foundations. If you have a slab foundation home or you are in the market, you need to know if a slab foundation ...

What do Mario Brothers, Ozzy Osborne and Bob Hoskins Have in Common?

So what do Mario Brothers, Ozzy Osborne, and Bob Hoskins have in common? You may be surprised. While there weren’t all local plumbers in this area, they were all plumbers! Mario Brothers, of course, is fictional, but who knew that famous rock stars and actors were once plumbers! Check out this list of Famous Plumbers: Real ...
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