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Children’s Books and Plumbing? Must Read Children’s Books to Expose Your Kids to the Profession

Master Repair Plumbing, SLAB LEAKS,SEWER LEAKS, WATER LEAKS, DRAIN CLEANING, Plumbing, Plumbers in Dallas

When was the last time you sat down and read your child a book? Children love being read to and entering into a whole new world. They love stories of pirates, princesses, animals, farms, and guess what- plumbers. I know, most people don’t think that plumbing would be a topic in children’s books, but it is. Here are a few books that can expose your children to the wonderful world of plumbing:

You might not know this but the classic children’s author Dr. Seuss wrote about plumbers. The book Happy Birthday To You is a classic Dr. Seuss book and a must-read for anyone’s birthday. Here is an excerpt from this fun and imaginative book.

  • Just look at those Zummers! They’re sort of like Plumbers. They come along humming, with heads in their plumbing and that makes the music that Zummers call zumming!
  • And all of this beautiful zumming and humming and plumbing and strumming and drumming and coming…
  • All of it, all of it,
  • All is for you!

The next great plumbing book to read is LMNO Peas by Keith Baker. This book is very educational and creative. It takes readers through the whole alphabet with peas as their guides. I bet you can guess when LMNO Peas become plumbers. Check out this short video that gives you a glimpse into this book:

If your kids love this book, they are in luck because it is part of a series. To get more details about this book, press here.

  • Keith Baker has written and illustrated many acclaimed picture books for young children, including the New York Times bestselling LMNO Peas; 1-2-3 Peas; Little Green Peas; Hap-pea All Year; LMNO Pea-quel; My Octopus Arms; and No Two Alike. He lives in Seattle, and you can visit him at

This next book is perfect to read before Thanksgiving. Thelonius Turkey Lives is a great tale of a lone turkey on the farm before Thanksgiving day. Of course, he is scared that he will be eaten, so he tries to fool the farmer. This book has unique artwork that will entertain your little ones. Here is a quick overview of Thelonius Turkey Lives to wet your palate.

  • Every Thanksgiving, a turkey disappears from Felicia Ferguson’s farm. And this year, Thelonius Turkey is the only turkey left. So with only a week to go before Thanksgiving, Thelonius won’t sit around waiting to be stuffed and roasted–he’s not going to the chopping block without a fight!So begins one determined turkey’s hilarious campaign to save his own neck. This zany Thanksgiving comedy will have readers rooting for Thelonius all the way to the very end–where they will be as surprised as he is with Felicia’s holiday plans.
  • Lynn Rowe Reed is the award-winning illustrator and author of Thelonius Turkey Lives! and Punctuation Takes A Vacation. She lives in Indiana. The author lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana.


To learn more about this festive book, click here.

All three of these books will entertain and inspire your kids. Pick up a book and read to your children and don’t forget that plumbing is not only essential but fun!

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