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We’ve seen it all too often. Homeowners trying to save a little extra money by doing their plumbing fixes on their own. After hours of Do-It-Yourself Youtube videos and half a dozen trips to the store, they finally get cracking on that water leak.


Countless hours and swear words later, the problem is worse and the homeowner is frustrated.

In the article, 4 Dangers of DIY Plumbing, the author points out this issue very directly:

Too often, plumbing DIY-ers make simple mistakes that have complex consequences. You might neglect to turn off the water pressure, or you might overtighten a joint. These and other common mistakes could easily become a major mess, and you could find yourself dealing with a busted pipe or worse. According to the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety, this could result in over $5,000 of water damage—and that figure does not account for the additional cost of repairs after the fact. DIY plumbing can quickly turn into a very expensive situation which necessitates professional intervention.

Save time and money by skipping DIY. Your home is too valuable to risk the damage and expenses that can accompany a botched plumbing DIY attempt. Let a professional address the problem, use the correct tools and methods and resolve whatever plumbing problem you are currently having. 


Along with this article from Angie’s List posted solid advice as their 6th tip on the article How to Avoid 6 Common Plumbing Mistakes saying:

There are some DIY jobs you can easily take on: installing a new faucet, making minor repairs to a toilet or dealing with minor pipe blockages. But any project that seems beyond your ability or requires accessing main water lines or cutting into walls or floors is best left to a plumber. While the cost of hiring a pro will be more than the materials and sweat equity of a DIY effort, the money paid is offset by the assurance that a complicated job will be properly completed, and without risk of error due to inexperience.

Tackling minor plumbing repairs can save homeowners money, so long as they know how to correct or avoid common mistakes and are willing to hire professionals when needed.


We’ve all tried to DIY tasks that were over our ability only to realize, we’d be better off leaving it to the professionals.

Here are some Plumbing DIYers who learned the hard way.


If you want to skip the pain and destruction of diy, give us a call at Master Repair Plumbing. Our expertise and years of experience in plumbing will help you maximize your budget and clean up your plumbing issues quickly.

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Does DIY Plumbing Really Pay Off?
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