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Don’t Let Halloween be a Drain- Pumpkin Plumbing Nightmares

Master Repair Plumbing, SLAB LEAKS,SEWER LEAKS, WATER LEAKS, DRAIN CLEANING, Plumbing, Plumbers in Dallas

Autumn brings changing leaf colors, crisp air, and pumpkins. If you haven’t had your fill of pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin baked goods, and good ole’ pumpkin pie, you are missing out. Halloween is right around the corner full of fun traditions like trick-or-treating and pumpkin carving, but don’t let your creative pumpkin carving endeavor become a nightmare. Here are some great tips to protect your home’s plumbing from pumpkin innards so you won’t have to look up “plumbers near me“.

According to the California Report:

  • “Pumpkin pulp is kind of like Mother Nature’s super glue. The stuff really sticks to pipes, and it sticks to every part of the garbage disposal,” he said.
  • Abrams said that after pumpkin innards dry and harden inside plumbing, over-the-counter drain cleaners won’t do the trick. Depending on the size of the clog, plumbers may have to cut out the blockage with specialized blades or even replace the pipes.
  • The repair can cost hundreds of dollars. That’ll put a frown on your jack-o’-lantern — so think about putting those pumpkin guts in the trash or compost instead.

So don’t throw in the towel and give up on carving that perfect pumpkin this year. Now that you know about the danger to your pipes of putting pumpkin innards down the drain, here are some more tips to make sure you won’t have to call your local Fort Worth plumber.

CBS reports:

  • “It doesn’t take very much of it,” Abrams said. “So if you got just a handful of that stuck on your skin and your drain is already maybe a little bit clogged or it’s got some grease built up in it the pulp rinsing off your hands down into the drain could be just the thing to send your drain over the edge and create a clog that will require some help.”
  • Abrams suggests maybe using an outside faucet when washing your hands after carving the pumpkin.
  • He added that it’s best to carve your pumpkins on a newspaper so you can easily throw it in the garbage or compost pile.

Protect your pipes and your wallet this year by disposing of your pumpkin carving creations innards properly. But if you find yourself in a maze of plumbing issues, call Master Repair Plumbing in Fort Worth, TX. We are expert plumbers who can fix your drain swiftly so you can enjoy the Halloween festivities.

Let your only nightmare be from the scary movie you just watched.

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