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Master Repair Plumbing, SLAB LEAKS,SEWER LEAKS, WATER LEAKS, DRAIN CLEANING, Plumbing, Plumbers in Dallas

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Master Repair Plumbing, SLAB LEAKS,SEWER LEAKS, WATER LEAKS, DRAIN CLEANING, Plumbing, Plumbers in Dallas

Dear Master Repair Plumbing, I just had to write and let you know what an excellent job the plumber Chad did at my house. I have never seen anyone work as hard and be as clean as he was. He is an "A-One" plumber. Your great training has blessed you with a great employee.


Impressed with the work
Chad with your company had done some pipe repairs under the house and in the yard at my house and I have to say I was impressed with the work he did and the fact that he cleaned up after himself. They jack hammered six holes in the master bedroom and bathroom, were done in one day inside the house. In my eyes, Chad is very important to your com


Very Thorough Chad and a helper came to our condo complex to help us find a problem with one of the units. They were both very kind, courteous, very professional and "very" thorough in their inspection! They checked every possible avenue to discover the source of the problem. I'm so impresses with their diligence in completing their task! They took the time to explain every aspect of what they checked so we were well informed. These two men are a great asset to your company!

Claudia with Vill Capri Condos.

I will NEVER Call Another Plumbing Company Again!!! Jack & Jesse Are THE BEST EVER!!!!!!! I Had A Leak Under The Bathroom Floor In A Pier & Beam Foundation Home In The West Meadowbrook Section Of Ft. Worth Built In 1939. The Home Has No Access Under The House From The Outside. Jack & Jesse Had To Tunnel Their Way Under The Foundation To Find 3 "Sub Floor" Beams. They Dug A Little At A Time Until They Got To The Leak Location. They Replaced A 6' Section Of Rotten Galvanized Pipe. This Was Done On The Cold Water Line. The Hot Water Line Had Been Replaced With Copper In 2001. By 5:15 PM They Had Finished The Repair & Refilled The Hole & Leveled The Surrounding Dirt. I Could Not Be More Pleased!!! Ask For Jack & Jesse And You Will Not Be Sorry!!!!!

Ponciano L

Jack had the background and knowledge to effectively and efficiently identify and fix our slab leak. Jack and his brother had our slab leak identified very quickly and had it repaired within a few hours. They explained everything very thoroughly and made sure they communicated effectively. The appointment was arranged quickly and communication with the company was easy. I will recommend this company to others for having skilled and honest workers.


Had a sewer line issue. James came out and located issue right away with camera. Ended up having to jackhammer through slab to get to break. Work was very professional and super clean. I would highly recommend James and Master Repair for any work!

Bee D

Great service. Our technician thoroughly explained why there was two different clean out pipes and which one was what. After a few minutes, he was all done. He even put a rubber cap on the pipe to keep snakes out. Fair price and quick service. Thanks!

Ryan H

They have done several jobs for me and have always gone the extra mile. Excellent technicians and excellent customer service. They really care about their customers and their workmanship

Master Repair Plumbing, SLAB LEAKS,SEWER LEAKS, WATER LEAKS, DRAIN CLEANING, Plumbing, Plumbers in Dallas

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Master Repair Plumbing, SLAB LEAKS,SEWER LEAKS, WATER LEAKS, DRAIN CLEANING, Plumbing, Plumbers in Dallas
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