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Is Your Texas Home Foundation in Good Shape?

We all know that a firm foundation is vitally important in a home. Here in Texas, we have seen a growing problem in foundations issues. There are many reasons for these problems and catching these issues early will save you money and time. Stacy Downs from The Chicago Tribune explains how vital it is to fix foundation issues:

  •  Even a small crack inside or outside a house can signal foundation problems such as buckling and settling. Fixing the damage now, rather than later, could save lots of money.
  • “There are smaller repairs you can make that cost hundreds of dollars as opposed to several thousand dollars,” says Don Derry, owner of K.C. Waterproofing, a foundation repair service in Parkville, Mo. “But when you don’t repair a foundation, the damage grows each year.”
  • Besides causing doors and windows to stick, an ailing foundation can lead to:
  • – A wet basement. Moisture seeping through cracks can damage furnishings and stored items.
  • – Termite trouble. The wood-eating insects can get inside the house through the cracks.
  • – Mold. If moisture keeps getting inside, mold can grow, aggravating allergies and other health problems.
  • Water causes most foundation problems. Too much water causes the soil to swell while not enough causes it to shrink. If the soil shrinks or swells uniformly, there won’t be foundation problems. But when part of the foundation heaves or settles, that’s when damage begins.
  • Trees also can wreck a foundation. Growing roots can cause upheaval in the foundation beam.
  • Finding the right foundation repair company is crucial because fixing the damage is not do-it-yourself work.

If you think that your home might have a foundation issue, finding the source of the problem is key. Since water is the biggest cause of foundation issues, a trusted slab leak plumber can help fix your foundation issues. In the article Foundation Failures…Why so many in Texas? they discuss some specific issues:

  • How is it that for over a century contractors have built skyscrapers and massive structures that span acres, and millions of homes that have withstood decades of rain and drought, yet Texas Homebuilders have such a dismal record when it comes to constructing foundations that properly support the walls, ceilings, and other superstructure components? Simply put, why are there so many houses in Texas with foundations that have failed or are otherwise in need of foundation repairs/stabilization?
  • Shoddy Homebuilders and the engineers they hire to design low-cost, minimally functional foundations, would have homeowners believe that the reason a foundation fails is because the homeowner did not ‘water around the foundation’ properly. If the foundation fails, the shoddy homebuilder will tell the homeowner it’s because the homeowner did not ‘water around the foundation’. If the homeowner says he or she did water around the foundation, the builder will say “you watered too much”. It is a no win situation for the homeowner.
  • Texas law allows builders to construct minimally functional foundations that require large volumes of water be used in the soils around the house to ATTEMPT to keep the foundation from failing. Doesn’t it seem odd, or bizarre that with all the emphasis on responsible water usage and water restrictions, that Texas lawmakers would continue to allow, session after session after session after session, homebuilders to construct house foundations that require artificial hydration of the soils that support the slab

Structurally sound homes is a must, but how do you know if you have a foundation issue on your hands? David Selman, a Home Inspector in Dallas, TX gives us tips on what to look for when buying a home and inspecting your current home.

If your home’s foundation has any issues, please give us at Master Repair Plumbing a call. We are experts in slab leak repair. We will help make your foundation problem-free.

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