Slab Leak Repair 101

Expert Slab Leak Repair Advice for those living in Arlington, TX and the surrounding areas.

Part 1: Mold & Moisture

Consider this:

Slab leaks can be more dangerous to homes in Arlington, Texas than the annual beating it takes from the crazy weather.

Wait, what?

Around here, temperatures swing from an average low of a near-freezing 35 degrees in January to a sweltering average high of 94.4 degrees in August. We’re in Tornado Alley, and experience all sorts of weather, including severe storms.

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It’s a problem…

Moisture is something we deal with from the cloudbursts and our hot, humid summers, but for some homeowners, moisture–and all its undesirable side effects–can come from a pesky, but unexpected source: slab leaks.

Cracks in the concrete = serious problems

Cracks in a Slab due to water leak under foundation

Here’s the truth:

Many of the city’s 150,000 housing units were constructed with plenty of water-delivering pipes throughout the home, including in and around the concrete foundation. From time to time, these pipes can rupture, creating dangerous water leaks that go right into the foundation of the home, compromising both its structural and environmental integrity.

Not bad enough for ya?

Left unchecked, a slab leak can allow moisture to enter the porous foundation and creep into existing cracks, causing serious damage. Should the moisture start filling the surrounding soil, that soil can get heavy, warping the foundation and causing structural failure.

But wait, there’s more

On top of all of these previously mentioned problems, as many Texans know, moisture in a home can mean the appearance of mold, which is a big problem–not just for resale, but for the health of its occupants. A slab leak running wild could ultimately provide the moisture necessary to spread toxic mold throughout the supporting structures of a home–an easily conceivable scenario given Arlington’s large hot, humid summers.

And you’ve gotta protect your health!

Here’s why:

The World Health Organization reported in 2009 that indoor air pollution–which includes dampness and mold–is a “major cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide.” Breathing in mold over time can lead to chronic respiratory problems.

This is why it’s crucial to know what causes a slab leak… and how to fix one.

And more importantly:

You should call local pros Master Repair Plumbing to fix the problem (get a free quote for slab leak repair cost now), should one of these leaks appear.

In our next installment, we’ll find out just what symptoms may appear when a home has an active slab leak.

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