Slab Leak 101 – Grapevine, TX

Slab Leak Advice for those living in Grapevine, TX and the surrounding areas.

Part 3: Symptoms & Scenarios

Consider this:

OK, so you know that moisture is a killer. And you know what causes slab leaks in the first place.

But here’s the deal:

Although it’s tough to figure out if you have a slab leak, it’s important to know what to look for.

And also, there’s not just one kind of slab leak. If you’re a Keller, Texas resident, you’re going to want to know what the difference is, and whether or not you have one.

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Is your water line leaking?

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If you see the presence of water or damp spots on your floor, that’s one crucial sign that a slab leak is happening under the foundation. These spots can be warm if hot water lines are leaking.

This might help:

Take off your shoes and walk around inside your home barefooted to feel the heat of a leaking hot water line to expose its location.

Keller Texas Home Owner using bare feet to feel for running water under a slab foundation

Other symptoms include inexplicable mold growth and moistened baseboards.

What’s that sound?

Another way you can easily determine an active slab leak is to listen for the sound of rushing water underneath the floor.

Perhaps another sound you may hear is the ka-ching of the cash register as the City of Keller Utility Billing Office hits you with a significantly larger-than-normal bill for your water services, thanks to the continuously running water leaking beneath your home.


And low water pressure throughout the home might also be an indicator of a problem.

What about sewer lines?

You can’t listen for a sewer line slab leak. You can’t feel for it with your bare feet, nor can you see water pooling on your floor. This one’s a little scarier.

Here’s the problem:

Usually, these kinds of leaks aren’t detectable until they’ve already done some obvious foundation damage.

If you’re looking for a sign, look for a raised section in the floor, a bubble of sorts. That warping is caused by what is known as heaving, where a leaking sewer line has soaked the slab enough to lift the building.

If your foundation has shifted in any way, a slab leak could be to blame.

Getting things back to normal

Our Plumber fixing a leak under the kitchen floor of a Keller, TX resident

The good news is, a slab leak isn’t necessarily a death sentence for a home. Yes, it’s a definite threat to property, health, and finances, but proactive homeowners can turn things around quickly with the help of locals Master Repair Plumbing, who specialize in this sort of thing.

(1) We’ll seek out the source of the leak with specialized tools, (2) fix it, and (3) put you on the road to normal again.

Find out how we repair slab leaks in the next installment.

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