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Fall is here and winter is quickly approaching. Christmas decor is already filling the aisles at stores. You may have some presents ready, but is your home ready for the winter months? Here are some tips that will help get your home and plumbing ready for the holidays from Alexander Kirk of 9 News: your pipes with a layer of insulation to protect from freezing as a first line of defense (check your local hardware store for a variety of pipe wraps).

Take special care to wrap pipes in cold areas such as sheds, basements and outdoor sprinkler cabinets.

Disconnect and store garden hoses.

Drain and blow out your sprinkler system, using a professional company if you need help.

Allow warmth to reach areas more susceptible to freezing such as stairwells, entry lobbies and attics.

Fix or fill cracks in the exterior or your home or basement with caulk or insulation.

Caulk and seal areas around basement windows and vents.

Seal off crawl spaces and vents with large pieces of cardboard.

Have your fire suppression sprinkler system checked by a professional to check for susceptible areas.

When temperatures are expected to fall below freezing, allow faucets along exterior walls to drip steadily in order to eliminate pressure that can exist if a pipe begins to freeze.

When temperatures fall, open sink-based cabinet doors to allow heat to reach your pipes.

Seal areas around your garage door with insulation or padding.

If you leave town for an extended period of time, leave your thermometer set to at least 55 degrees.

Make sure everyone in your household knows where the water shutoff valve is located.


Protecting your home from the winter elements will give you some peace of mind to enjoy the season. Plumbing is one area of your home that you do not want to forget about. Learn some more specific ways to protect your home’s plumbing by Preventing Frozen Pipes – YouTube.

Protecting your homes plumbing is vital, here is some more information on protecting your pipes this winter from Hdhomes. is one of the most necessary things we humans must have in our lives, but it can also be one of the most destructive.

As you do your pre-winter review, remember what plumbing tended to freeze and either wrap pipes with the proper tape or insulate them from the dregs of the weather. Drain hoses and turn water taps off that lead to the outside as these are easy targets for the “freeze and break” game.


Now you know how to prepare your home for the winter season and the importance of protecting your plumbing.  If you do have any plumbing issues, we at Master Repair Plumbing are experts in our field and we are big on service. By following these tips to winterize your home, you will be able to enjoy the winter months with less stress.


Is Your House & Plumbing Ready for Winter?
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