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Master Repair has been in the plumbing biz since 1983 and we’ve seen a lot. Sometimes, the dedication needed to get the job done right looks a little like this:

World’s Most Dedicated Plumber Is Photographed Getting The Job Done

“Dealing with plumbing issues isn’t exactly the most exhilarating part of anyone’s day. That’s why, when a Texas woman called a plumber to fix a pipe leaking on her property, she wasn’t expecting anything crazy to happen.

However, that was before she walked outside and saw something that made her do a double take. The plumber had arrived…or at least half of him, anyway!

When Andrea Adams called for a plumber, Jimmie Cox was the man for the job. Then, when she saw him submerge half his body so that he could reach the faulty pipe, she knew she had to snap a photo. read the whole article here…”

Jimmie definitely went above and beyond the call of duty.  While we’re glad he was rewarded with a year’s supply of jeans from Wrangler. We hope he was also given the employee of the month award.

Dedication to the job isn’t the only thing necessary to make a great plumber. The right technology is critical these days too. Years ago a plumber just needed to know a few tricks to find a leak. Especially back in the 1800s when water was delivered by hollowed out trees…

Discovered: Philadelphia’s high-tech, totally natural plumbing of 1812

“Philadelphia was little more than a decade removed from serving as the nation’s capital when a work gang on Spruce Street began installing the latest in 1812 sanitation technology: a water main made of hollow tree trunks.

The sections of 10-foot pine logs, laboriously drilled to create a 4- to 6-inch center opening and bound together by iron couplings, connected the expanding edge of the city to the water tanks that stood on a hill less than a mile away.

The wooden plumbing supplied timber-tasting water to residents who could either fill their buckets for free at a public standpipe or pay $5 a year to connect directly to faucets in their yards or kitchens. The logs served for two decades until the city replaced them with 12-inch, cast-iron pipes in 1831, according to Adam Levine, resident historian at the Philadelphia Water Department. read more here…”

Master Repair Plumbing has the skill, expertise, dedication and latest technology to help you get the job done right. 

Give us a call to schedule one of our best to come out and fix your water leak.

photo credit boredomtherapy

Plumbing takes a high degree of skill, dedication and technology.
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